Alchemy From Within — Divine Inner Parents


Everyone has a — highly therapeutic —sacred “Divine Inner Mother” and a “Divine Inner Father.”

Training in Alchemy from Within as a form of Hypnotherapy includes communication with someone’s existing parents — living or deceased— and to meet your divine inner parents. We review our existing relationship contract with our physical parents. We tell them what worked for us, and what needs to change. Then we meet our Divine Parents, Guardians, Helpers, and Protectors on the inner plane.

Emotional pain may be lodged in our memory and release is necessary as given in order to free oneself from harmful bonds. You will need pillows available to beat or hold on to. If you have a stuffed animal, you may want to bring it, so that your divine inner child self can snuggle and hold on to it for the tender and re-nurturing aspects of this work.

Once you have told your current parents — who have been raising you and been your parents so far — where you stand about their parenting performance with you, you will make a decision about whether to renegotiate and renew your soul contract with our physical parents; or alternatively to complete your existing parent-child contract and fire or retire your physical parent from their parenting role to you.

Then, you will be taken on a sacred journey to meet your true — inner divine — guardian mother and father, so that you can continue your soul’s journey with your loving, compassionate, and knowledgeable parents on the inner planes at your side in your heart.

You will learn how to bring your inner experience effectively to your outer worldly circumstances. According to this training structure, everyone will have had the opportunity to dialogue with each of their existing parents and have begun the conscious relationship with their divine parents at the conclusion of out training.

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Nora Hoffmann

I'm a philosopher and writer on alchemy guided by Master Saint Germain and other high Ascended Masters. I am upset. I am studying in India.